What is shabu shabu?

Shabu shabu is a popular hot pot dish in Japan, consisting of thinly sliced meat and bite-sized vegetables cooked in boiling hot broth. Hot pot dining has been popular in Japan for thousands of years, since the first use of earthenware pottery, but shabu shabu itself was originated around the mid-20th century. The main difference between shabu shabu and other types of Japanese hot pot is that rather than simmering all of the ingredients together before serving, shabu shabu is cooked bite-by-bite over the course of the meal, similar to fondue. Our shabu shabu follows the traditional and typical Japanese shabu shabu recipe.

How to cook it?

As you enjoy your shabu shabu, try to avoid adding to much meat to the pot or it may overcook and become tough in the boiling water. Also, adding too many vegetables at once can cause the temperature of the broth to drop, which may lead to uneven cooking. When you’ve finished eating the meat and vegetables, you can put udon noodles into the broth, or some rice and raw beaten egg, to make a richly flavored noodle soup or porridge to finish the meal.

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